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ILL CREW UNIVERSAL: nation,a strong band of hip-hop supporters
THE KRIB: online magazine-release dates, & more
STRESS: hip-hop's hometown magazine
BLAZE: VIBE's venture into hip-hop zines
BILLBOARD: release dates,contests,charts,more
THE SOURCE: the magazine of hip-hop music,culture, and politics
RAP PAGES: the survival guide for hip-hop culture,lifestyles, & music
D. JESSE GEBOY'S HIP-HOP PAGE: pretty tight page w/ many tight links
VINYL EXCHANGE: good source of info on tha newest wax
EXPLOITED MUSIC: mad info on the ever-present underground hip-hop scene
VIBE: a pioneer magazine-rap,r&b,Quincy Jones-run
NEWS RECORD (Cincinnati paper): check "Jazz,Hop,Soul" for my opinions


DJ LUCKY: back to tha homepage
COMMON: formerly Common Sense,a chi-town lyrical legend
TOMMY BOY: Naughty By Nature,others-15 years and runnin
DEF JAM REOCRDS: the pioneer success label-Meth,DMX,Redman,PE,more
NO LIMIT RECORDS: the tank's official page
RUTHLESS RECORDS: run by tha late,great Eazy-E,alwayz hot ish
UNIVERSAL: the company that houses Universal, Polygram, & Seagram
DEATH ROW RECORDS: started by Dre,sparked by Snoop & pac, nuff said
DUCK DOWN: Boot Camp Clik-Cocoa Brovaz,Black Moon,OCC
PENALTY RECORDINGS: Crooked Lettaz,Capone-N-Noreaga
LOUD RECORDS: home to Mobb Deep,Wu-Tang,many more
INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKLZ: one of tha greatest DJ crews in tha world
ELEKTRA: Busta Rhymes, Flipmode Squad, more
ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS: Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Murder Inc., DJ Clue
CASH MONEY RECORDS: home to tha Cash $ Millionaires-Juvenile,BG,Hot Boyz, more
BLUNT RECORDINGS: home to Cin City's own MOOD,+ Royal Flush, Bounty Killer, Mic Geronimo
BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT: Biggie Smalls, Puffy, Ma$e
DELICIOUS VINYL: home to Young MC & Jesse Jaymes, now Pharcyde,Born Jamericans, & more
PAPER CHASERS ENTERTAINMENT: "Takin over street by street"

GEAR: Hip-Hop's 6th Element

FUBU: just a few years old, already mainstream
KARL KANI: a pioneer of Hip-Hop gear
PHAT FARM: from the man who brought us Def Jam
WILLIE ESCO: new Hip-Hop gear, y'all know the Escobar name
MECCA UNITED SPORTS APPARREL: tight gear-hats,shirts,jeans
MAURICE MALONE: all kinds of gear, plus the origianl condom-pocket boxers
K-SWISS: old skool on the comeback
AVIREX: some new gear; seen on Guru
ECKO UNLIMITED: hoodies,outdoor gear,all tight
PNB NATION CLOTHING: Post No Bills: "Don't Front"
FILA: phat kicks, made for ballin'
OMW JEANS: origianl Man Wear-a newcomer to the sixth element
TRIPLE FIVE SOUL: straight from the streets of NYC
PELLE PELLE by MARC BUCHANAN: covering all tha bases of fashion
DOLOMITE: wear the original (for your feet)
DADA SUPREME: kicks,shirts,the supreme of fashion
RUGID WEAR: lesser known,speacializing in hardcore & commercial designs
DA*LINK*WENT: anutha lesser known,"Refuse to Remain Silent"
RAW URBAN STREET APPARREL: street gear for real Hip-Hop Headz
MR. RAGS: Kani,Fubu,555 Soul, & many more brands
MAN ALIVE: FUBU,Sean John,Phat Farm, & other phat clothes
THE BUCKLE: Mecca,FUBU...some tight ish