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"Tha Sanctum"

"Tha Sanctum" is a name that applies to all music entities of DJ Lucky.

Here, we focus on the radio show.

When it Airs: Thursday Nights, 10 PM-12 AM Eastern Standard Time

                            Except: In the summer, airs Monday Nights, 6-8 PM, EST

Where: Hear It Worldwide on Bearcast Radio

What it is: Hosted by DJ Lucky

                            Occasional Special Guests

                            Covers all aspects, eras, genres, elements, etc. of Hip-Hop culture

                            Local, Underground, New School, Old School, even Radio cuts that haven't hit Radio Yet

                            Chances to win free CDs and other stuff with call in Trivia, featuring...............

                                                  "Six Degrees of Hip-Hop"

                            All you have to do is connect the 2 named artists in 6 "degrees" (songs) or less


You can reach the Bearcast Studio at (513) 556-4529